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Get fewer support e-mails & happier customers

Helpjuice is easy-to-use knowledge base software that guarantees 50% less support e-mails and happier customers

Rob Marsh Helpjuice has streamlined our support process and cut down support emails by 89%

Internal & External Knowledge Base

Use Your Helpjuice Knowledge Base(s) externally and/or internally. All within a click.

External Knowledge Base

Deliver Instant Support To Your Customers With Your External Knowledge Base.

Helpjuice's Knowledge Base Software has helped hundreds of businesses save over $30,000,000 in customer support costs just in the past few months.

Perfect for: SMBs and Enterprises looking to scale customer support by delivering instant answers to customers questions via a Knowledge Base.

Internal Knowledge Base

Securely share content with your team. Assign privileged access who has priviledges to read, update, or write content for your knowledge base.

Perfect for: Companies Looking To Share Content And Workflows Within Departments.

Intelligent Instant Search

Instant Search that knows what you are looking for, before you’re even done typing.

Super Fast & Intelligent Search

Helpjuice’s search was built from the ground-up to be super-intelligent and instant. Our algorithms are mashing synonyms and doing complex calculations to find the best result for you, all before you’re even done typing your question.


Instant Search that knows what you are looking for, before you’re even done typing.

Adapt Helpjuice To Fit Your Taste

Customize Helpjuice, from fonts to control what content is displayed to who. With Helpjuice's Templating Language, you can customize every pixel of your knowledge base. Best of all, if you're stuck, our Account Managers can help you with customization, by doing it for you.


Analytics Designed To Scale Support

Search Analysis

Helpjuice Search Analysis Will Tell You Exactly What People REALLY Want To Find On Your Knowledge Base, And What The Most Commonly Searches Are

Advanced Article Analytics

See All Your Top-Performing Articles At One place. Improve low-rated articles. Update outdated articles. All with our Advanced Article Reports.

Top Performing Users

Reward your top knowledge base contributors. Stop assuming "John" is a magician and know exactly why "John" writes good articles.

Equivalent to the workforce of 500+ people.

Just in the past few months, Helpjuice's External Knowledge Base Software, alone, has cut down an estimated $30,000,000 in support costs – equivalent to having over 500 full-time employees answering support emails.

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Simple and easy to use interface.

When you start using our software you will see that the interface is really simple and easy to use. With just one click of a button you will be able to start answering questions for your users.

With Customers That LOVE The Results And Product

Ranging from Enterprise Executives, to Startup CEOs

Adam 7d76ff4d7f9b9f0bbe4d7f22cdfb39df5e10bca22afa862c8f68c5fb393fb4db
Adam Aronson
CEO @ Lilitab

We love Helpjuice. It streamlined the administration of our knowledge base. Can't recommend this product enough for those who need a more structured knowledge base for their customers.

Ryan 552ad74dc4fbd5e2f2dff090ef2d41c1b62a086be054afadb670d645270ee8bc
Ryan Sacha
Founder @

With Helpjuice, we've been able to reduce support by 120 emails a day, down to 20. The ROI is just amazing. Not to mention the unbeatable customer service!

Brian b81d0b1aca94a546593a83b1021c1e27aeeecd4a1c904d0dd14cfb1244831cdf
Brian Hahn
CEO @ HelloNomad

The other site (we tried Zendesk & Helpscout), didn't ever really look like, ours. Now, our Help center, completely looks ours and that's really huge to the whole magic of it.

Alex f2c24b4143de6256980939e53ba7827653c3ddf1cda90c56c093d34baf25b424
Alex H.
Product Designer @ Gumroad

I predict that we'll get at least 20% less emails, in comparison with our previous solution,

Helpjuice is perfect because it's just a knowledge base – everything else feels cumbersome

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