We believe strongly in the value of selling a finished product to your clients. Presenting your photographs as works of art, to be hung on the wall and enjoyed daily, immediately elevates your images to the status of fine art. By delivering a ready-to-hang masterpiece to your clients, your studio stands out from the competition, the amateur shoot-and-burners handing off  downloads of  images and ushering their clients to the local drugstore for printing.

As a one-stop resource for your clients, you have the opportunity to provide the highest quality presentation of your art, ensuring word-of-mouth referrals from the gorgeous galleries you’re creating for your clients’ homes.

Just as traditional portrait artists do, you offer added value to each piece by signing the mat and certifying its authenticity with a sticker or stamp on the backing. Framing your clients’ photos also discourages scanning--and cheap reproduction--of your work.

And by offering frames in your product lineup, you stand to make 30-50% more on each sale, with little extra work or marketing on your part. Our collection of resources makes it easy to sell frame groupings and larger prints, further amplifying your revenue!

Long story short: framing your work is a small effort that can pay big dividends, both in sales and client perception of your studio and art.